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Undefeated Cruiserweight Brides Scores Another TKO Victory in Germany Friday

Palais, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany: Mairis Briedis (18-0, 15 KOs) of Riga, Latvia scored another TKO victory in the second round on Friday night in Germany against southpaw Laszlo Hubert of Budapest, Hungary. He knocked down Hubert three times in the first round but the veteran made it to the bell. Briedis sought to make quick work of his opponent in the second, scoring another knockdown at the start of the round. Shortly after action resumed, Briedis delivered the final knockdown of the fight and the referee called it off.

Briedis, 30, remains undefeated. This was his fourth consecutive knockout, including the spectacular KO of Manuel Charr in his previous outing. He possesses a stellar 83% (15 of 18) knockout-to-win ratio.

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